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Carb Caps

    We produce carb caps. They have many kinds and styles, including silica gel carb caps and glass carb caps.There's always one for you....Read More

Carb Caps

What is a carb cap

A carb cap is a fairly basic dabbing accessory that is basically an enjoyable, low-temp dab. There are many designs and styles of carb caps, but the principles and purpose are the same: they’re small dab tools that are usually made of glass, titanium, or another stable, heat-resistant material.

Although it's not necessary for those who occasionally like dabbing, a carb cap will greatly enhance your dabbing experience.Simply put, it like a carburetor for your dab rig, controlling the air flow and allowing a more pleasant experience. A carb cap limit the amount of air that flows to your dab nail, which means that you can maximize the value of wax and enjoy a better taste.To use a carb cap, just put them on your nails after waxing. They help you improve the difficulty of DAB games by capturing and circulating hot air in buckets.


How to choose the best babber for you

If you want to know how carb caps got their name, it’s because they add or regulate air to your dabbing surface (like carburetors on a bong or pipe, or a under the hood of a car). Cover your nails with a lid to lock in heat and limit airflow. Many carb cap designs include an airway that allows for a jet stream of fresh air to be sucked in and helps to agitate the hot oil, which is dispersed around the dab surface to allow it to evaporate more effectively.


Why use a carb cap

If you’re a daily dabber who likes low-temperature dabbing, it is necessary to have the best carb cap. Carb capping at low temperatures provides a more delicious lasting effect. Glass carb caps and Quartz bangers are dabber for taste. The best carb caps will obviously depend on your current settings.For example, if you use a sloping banger at the top, a bubble cap is useless.


Why low temperatures are so important for dabbing

By limiting the flow of air into the DAB,a functional carb cap can reduce the pressure of the entire rig, including tapping the surface itself. Lowering the pressure means the boiling point for your oil drops Lowering pressure means that your oil boiling point drops, and each dab consumes less calories to produce creamy steam.


How to Use a Carb Cap

When using domeless nails, a carb cap is a must have dabbing accessory . To use a carb cap ou need to heat your nails as usual, put your material in, and then cover the carb cap on the domeless nails. These caps limit air flow to your nails and increase flavor and efficiency. Carb caps allow you to do low temperature dabs for better flavor and to ensure you get the most out of your concentrates. Carb caps allow your nail to retain heat for a longer period of time.Or, if you have a functional carb cap, you can spin or twirl the cap around the crown of your nail to push the jet stream of air around, swirling and spreading the oils around the hot dabbing surface. When you’re ready to clear the plume of vapor, simply remove the carb to clear your rig.


Our carb caps

Our carb cap provides many designs and styles,including small animal shape, cartoon character shape, solid color with different shape, and limpid glass with different shape.For each type,we have different colors and different sizes,are mainly divided of 26mm and 34mm.You can always find the one that suits you.


Carb capping at low temperatures provides more flavorful dabs with lasting effects.

This ensures the best flavor and no waste from your waxes and oils.

Our products are all handcrafted. They are very exquisite.

We sell wholesale all over the world, so it is very cheap.

There is a spot warehouse in Shenzhen. As long as you place an order, we can deliver the goods ASAP.

Our have many designs and styles,there is one that your favor.

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