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18mm Female 90 Degree Quartz Banger

    We have a lot of styles 18mm female 90 degree quartz banger.And have a lot of special design.If you used water pipe ou bongs,you should be need the 18mm female 90 degree quartz banger....Read More

18mm Female 90 Degree Quartz Banger

Our quartz banger

We have a wide styles of quartz banger,for each size,we have a lot of logos,it is printing by laser,so it isn’t easy to fall off.If you like which one logo,we can also personal customization.We are wholesales and offline business,so our price hasn’t increasing for commission,it is very cheap.If you are storekeeper,there is no better choice than ours.Quartz bangers are including 10mm male/female 45/90 degree,14mm male/female 45/90 degree,18mm male/female 45/90 degree.And we have some special designs for person different,for example,we have thermal color changing quartz banger,if you are green hand for bongs,and you don’t know what’s the best temperature for heating,you can used it,because when it reaches the optimum temperature, it will change color.So it is very easy to operate.If you are interested in special design,we have lots of shapes and type,there's always one for you.



18mm female quartz bangers are a part of 18mm quartz banger,and are divided 18mm female 45 degree quartz banger,18mm female 90 degree quartz banger.18mm female quartz banger is used to connected to 18mm male quartz banger.

In general, the diameter of the tobacco nail is about 20mm, 25mm and 30mm, the thickness is divided into about 2mm,3mm and 4mm. The bottom thickness is generally about 2mm, and the thickening bottom is about 4mm.

In addition to these,there are also some special designs,such as”tractor”,”triangle cons” and so on.


Advantage :

We are a comprehensive category of smoking accessories, we have a lot of products, the full range, you want we all have.

We have our own factory, if you have the style you want, you can customize it.

Our products are strictly produced and strive to be flawless.

We are global wholesale and offline trading,so we are very very very cheap.

We are wholesale production and with a large inventory.

We have a lot of styles and logos,there’s always one for you.If you like which one,don't hesitate.

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