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About Us

We are a global wholesale company and manufacturer,and we have a wide variety products for bongs,including quartz banger,dab nail,carb cap,cheap dab rigs,dab tools.For each one,we have enough sizes and a lot of styles.We mainly produce quartz banger,and have about 80 kinds of quartz banger,including bucket banger,gavel style bangers,trough bangers,cube bangers,nucleated bangers.thermal bangers,reactor bangers,diamond knot bangers,and so on.

Quartz Banger Specs

For each style banger,we have 12 kinds of sizes,10mm male 45 degree quartz banger;10mm female 45 degree quartz banger;10mm male 90 degreequartz banger;10mm female 90 degree quartz banger,14mm male 45 degree quartz banger;14mm female 45 degree quartz banger;14mm male 90 degree quartz banger;14mm female 90 degree quartz banger,18mm male 45 degree quartz banger;18mm female 45 degree quartz banger;18mm male 90 degree quartz banger;18mm female 90 degree quartz banger.

In addition to quartz banger, we have many other dab nail,for example,glass nail and titanium nail.If you’re a daily dabber who enjoys low-temperature dabs, owning one of the best carb caps is a must.

We have dab rigs,since we are wholesale,we have a very cheap dab rig.besides the regular dab rig,we also have glowing in dark green dab rig.Such as Rick & Morty,it is very hot sale.It's made of silica gel and glass. There are different designs. You can choose your own design if you like.

We have dab tools and rainbow herb grinders,such as dab tools set,if you have a party in your house,you can have a dab tools suit,it can service all of your friends.

Quartz Bnagers Shows
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